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  • Exhibit Year : 11th(2016)
  • Director : Kohei Yoshino
  • Country : Japan
  • Make Year : 2015
  • Running Time : 29 min
  • subtitle : Korea/English Subtitle
  • Theater Info
    • 21day [3]14:0 Busan Cinema Center : Cinematheque
    • 24day [4]16:0 Busan Cinema Center : Cinematheque

Nakamoto who is working at a Japanese funeral managemant company receives a request from a new client Noboru. Noboru, the brother of the decedent, says to Nakamoto, “My brother was a pin manufacturer for industrial robots, and I want his grandson to know what his job was. So I want you to produce a movie about my brother’s life featuring robots.”Nakamoto manages to make it, but Noboru’s requests are getting harder, "Use a cool song for the movie, and show it at the funeral!”, “Bring any robot to the funeral!" Can Nakamoto handle these requests? And, is the funeral going well?

Born in Okasa, Japan in 1979. Known also as an animator and a CG creator in the fields of music video and commercial film. His short films have been invited to the festivals all over the world. “Tale of Night” (2000) got Jury’s Special Award at PIA FILM FESTIVAL, “D.I.Y.Encouragement” (2011) awarded Special Mention for Short film at Busan International Film Festival, and “It’s Macaroni life” (2013) was nominated for the competition at Sapporo International Short Film Festival.